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In the saddle by age five, Mavis Spencer, born and raised in California, went on to a stellar youth and junior career under the guidance of Dick Carvin, Susie Schroer, and Francie Steinwedell-Carvin of Meadow Grove Farm. In 2008, at age sixteen, she spent a summer in Belgium as a working student for Neil Jones Equestrian (NJE), a connection that foreshadowed good things to come.

Following her summer with NJE, she earned Junior Jumper team and individual Silver Medals at Harrisburg; in 2009, she went on to represent the U.S. on a team at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival; and in 2010 was named Miss Golden Globe – a tribute to her natural beauty and effortless style.

Just before turning eighteen, she announced to her parents that she would like to pursue horses as a career. With no hint of negativity, they counseled her to immerse herself in the profession, and find her way – and they wished her good luck. She sold her Junior Jumper, and left the West Coast to be a working student for Kent Farrington in Wellington, a move that took her out of the saddle, but she never looked back. A few years later, she went to work for Darragh Kenny. She relished those years as valuable learning experiences.

2014 found her back in Belgium with Neil Jones, completing the circle that began in 2008, and grooming for his rider, Lorenzo de Luca. When de Luca sustained an injury, Spencer was asked to step up and ride his horses, and step up she did! By WEF 2015-2016, Spencer had become the NJE rider, with 15 sale horses in tow; and NJE America had opened, with Spencer at the helm.

The following year, the number of horses grew to 18, and Spencer was running the operation, showing and taking care of the horses, and thriving on the long hours and hard work. As the rider for Neil Jones Equestrian, Spencer ran the U.S. Division of NJE’s horse sales, competes a string of horses and trains clients through her own Gallop Apace, LLC. After years of commitment in and out of the saddle, Spencer is now fully focused on Gallop Apace, and her future is bright.

Mavis Spencer Gallop Apace, LLC
Mavis Spencer Gallop Apace, LLC
Mavis Spencer Gallop Apace, LLC
Mavis Spencer Gallop Apace, LLC

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Gallop Apace, LLC

Clearly no stranger to the workings of an international show barn, Mavis Spencer has opened her own business, Gallop Apace, LLC, with its base in Wellington. Wherever she goes Spencer is on a horse or covered in shavings nearly every waking hour – and she wouldn’t have it any other way.