…From Parlanti’s Team Riders

Written by Emilie Gaffney
Originally published by Noëlle Floyd on October 5, 2018 at noellefloyd.com.

Mavis Spencer and Sweet Tricia; photo © Sportfot

We’ve all heard of No Stirrup November, and most of us have likely suffered through it in the never-ending quest to have that ever elusive, super still lower leg. Short of torturing themselves every November, we wanted to find out what some of the top riders do to keep their position strong year round. One thing all the riders we spoke to had in common? They all ride in Parlanti boots. And while having the right boot may not magically make you an equitation superstar, when 8 out of the top 10 riders in the world are wearing the same boot, there must be something to it.

Mavis Spencer

“Here’s a grid exercise that I like to do – it is great for both horses and riders: start with a canter in rail, 9ft to a small vertical – 18ft to another vertical with a rail on the ground in the middle (9ft from the small vertical and 9ft from the next one) – then 36ft to an oxer. Focus on your position and how it affects the horse’s jump. I like to focus on my leg, body, and hands. Your leg should be the anchor for the rest of your body, heels down, stirrup on the ball of your foot, and remember to keep your lower leg around your horse. Your body should remain very controlled and still so make sure to really engage your core to keep your back supported. Most importantly, have fun!”

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