Mavis Spencer on the “Demon Pony” …

...that Launched her Career (and the Saint that Saved it) Originally published by Horse Network on March 21, 2018. "His name was Cruise Control, or as I liked to call him, the Spawn of Satan." American show jumper Mavis Spencer shares the hilarious (and often painful) start to her riding career and the [...]

@ Home with Mavis Spencer and Catania 137

Originally published on the Palm Beach Masters YouTube Channel on March 20, 2018. Ahead of The Palm Beach Open (March 22–25, 2018), the team at the Palm Beach Masters Series caught up with Mavis and Catania 137 "Cassie". Learn more about this talented 6-year-old mare owned by SHL Farm and Glen Patrick Sport Horses on [...]

From 5* Groom to 5* Rider

...With Mavis Spencer Originally published by Cyrine Cherif on March 20, 2018 at Photo by Noelle Floyd, I’m so thankful to have Mavis featured on this article! She is such a stylish, elegant and talented American rider. I relate very much to her as she is working really hard to achieve [...]

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