Faces of WEF: Lauren Dreyer

Written by Sarah Cook Originally published by the WEF Weekly Wire during Week 11 (March 22–26). Courtesy of Jennifer Wood Media. Grooms are the unsung heroes of the horse show industry. They feed our equine athletes well before dawn, tend to their every need, and tuck them in at night. Lauren Dreyer was born and [...]

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American Equus’ Newest Chosen Rider

American Equus Announces Show Jumper Mavis Spencer as Their Newest Chosen Rider Mavis Spencer competing Dubai at the Palm Beach Masters. Photo Courtesy of Taylor Renner/PhelpsSports.com Wellington, Fla. – March 16, 2017 – American Equus, the designer and manufacturer of premium stirrups and spurs is proud to announce its newest partnership with Show Jumping [...]

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