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Getting a solid start in California, Mavis Spencer spent her junior years training with Dick Carvin and Susie Schroer at Meadow Grove. Later, she jumped at the chance to work with top show jumpers to expand her knowledge and involvement in the sport. After spending six years grooming for Kent Farrington, Darragh Kenny and Neil Jones Equestrian, Spencer was given the opportunity to jump back into the saddle in late 2014. Since returning to the show ring, she has experienced success at the FEI level, including ribbons and wins in international classes. As the rider for Neil Jones Equestrian, Spencer ran the U.S. Division of NJE’s horse sales, competes a string of horses and trains clients through her own Gallop Apace, LLC. After years of commitment in and out of the saddle, Spencer is now fully focused on Gallop Apace, and her future is bright. Read full bio…

mavis spencer news
mavis spencer news

News, stories and media from Mavis Spencer & Gallop Apace, LLC.

  • Lower Leg Secrets...
    October 5, 2018
    We’ve all heard of No Stirrup November, and most of us have likely suffered through it in the never-ending quest to have that ever elusive, super still lower leg. Short of torturing themselves every N...
  • Summer Siesta For Mavis Spencer
    July 29, 2018
    We all love to follow Mavis Spencer in and out of the tack - either from the sidelines or from scrolling through her #ridergoals Instagram. We admire her style and poise, emulate her calm, cool, and c...
  • Mavis-Spencer-on-SHL-Quatinka
    Heels Down Magazine Interview
    June 15, 2018
    When Mavis Spencer isn’t showing her string of show jumpers, she’s perched up somewhere quiet with her nose in a book. “I’m a huge Shakespeare nerd thanks to my dad, so I have a complete works of al...


Where is Mavis now? Excited to be working on a new project: The Equine Platform. Learn more about it in 2019! | IG: @mavispence

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